Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Mini-Review - "Hannah And Her Sisters" (1986)


This Woody Allen film is like a "Seinfeld" episode, if they removed all the character and comedy. Just a lot of pointless chatting that amounts to basically nothing.

"Hannah And Her Sisters" is one of the prime examples of why I often cannot stand Woody Allen's work. His films feel like they're always working up to that last joke, where everything comes together and gives the audience one big laugh. But the problem with that is Allen seems to forget that we have to wait for an hour and a half to hear that punch line, all while we have to listen to his annoying ramblings about his fears of having a brain tumor or how he needs proof that God exists and that he doesn't see a point in living if there isn't anything definitive.

There were points in this film where I found myself saying "Shut up" to Woody Allen being a nihilist hypochondriac. There is nothing redeeming or enjoyable about a character who won't stop talking about how much life sucks or complaining about how his life is terrible.

I think the point where I started to not care about "Hannah And Her Sisters" was a scene where Holly (Dianne Wiest) and April (Carrie Fisher) go around New York City with this guy they just met. After touring some buildings in New York, the group then spends at least two minutes arguing about which should be taken home first, as they work out the details of traffic, miles and city streets.

They spend what feels like an eternity discussing traveling through New York City.

I understand that "Hannah And Her Sisters" is supposed to be more of a piece on life and have it move at a normal pace, while the characters talk like normal people. But that's boring. That is merely our reality, when film is supposed to be reality taken to its most extravagant extremes. What is the point of a film where nothing interesting happens?

This isn't a film, it is a family slide show extended to an hour a half.

I can see why others would enjoy "Hannah And Her Sisters," but I am not one of them. This film is annoying, unfunny and not gripping at all. It reinforces my stance that Woody Allen can be a tedious filmmaker - He has his share of gems, but you have to be really patient while you get through his irritating work.

Final Grade: D

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Kevin Sell said...

Yeah, but the title sets up one of the best porn titles ever.... Hannah does her sisters!