Wednesday, April 2, 2014

A New Direction and New Interest

After much consideration, it is with a heavy heart that I must discontinue my blog posts. It has been a good run, but all good things must come to an end. 

The film landscape just isn’t doing anything for me anymore and I feel like my time can be spent on bigger and better things. Which is why I’m happy to announce my new interest and passion in life. 

I’ve always believed that one must find the passion and love in their life. Something that you could cherish for all of your life, never get tired of and always have an interest in, and then make that the focus of your life. I once believed this passion was for movies, but now I understand myself a bit better. 

Which is why, effective tomorrow, my blog will be renamed “Light Up My Life” and focus on the many lanterns and light sources within society. I’ve always been fascinated by the ever constant glow of a lantern and how it can cast a whole new shade of light on a situation. That with just a sheet of colored paper, the mood and atmosphere of a room can change. 

China has been perfecting their designs for years, and I feel like that are getting very close to nailing it. With any luck, we’ll hear something out of there in the coming years and we can have a perfect light source which would remain constant and luminous for decades. 

My absolute favorite find of lantern is one with a set pattern cut out of it, like stars or even animals. To see the light construct these bodies makes it feel like you can create whatever you want. It gives me a feeling of order in the universe and one that I always get a rush out of.

Heck, lanterns are so important in society that they even got their own superhero, the Green Lantern. When combined the human will power, a lantern becomes the most powerful weapon in the galaxy. You know there is strength in a light source when it could take down someone like Batman.

I feel there is much to discuss on lanterns, which is why I decided to do this switch. If you liked my movie thoughts and reviews, I apologize, but I feel there isn’t much that can be done about that. 

All I can say is follow your heart and interests, please don’t hate others for their differences and...

Oh wait...this article is coming out after midnight my time, which would make it April 2. It’s not April Fools' Day anymore. Then, that means....

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