Monday, May 6, 2013

Criticisms Of Criticism: New York Film Critics Circle Constitution

While looking around for information on the subject of film criticism, I came across what the New York Film Critics Circle used as a constitution for what they stood for, as well as their motto.
“To represent, as an impartial organized working unit, the profession of film criticism; to recognize the highest creative achievements in the field of motion pictures and thereby to uphold the dignity and significance of film criticism."
While I see where this statement is coming from, and I’m eternally grateful that they adopted this motto, I also believe that it’s due time to update or add-on to this statement.
In particular, adding on to the “to recognize the highest creative achievements in the field” portion. True, that’s an aspect of film criticism, but I believe it’s just one component. Film criticism should not just recognize the best that cinema has to offer, but also recognize the bad or horrid elements of film as well, and be will to point out and prove why those bad films are so bad.
To do so would not only set goals and standards for the film circle, but also give filmmakers some guidelines or points to avoid while they’re making films. Thus, leading to filmmakers making overall better movies. 

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