Monday, April 15, 2013

Criticism Of Criticism: Introduction

Have you ever read a review of a book, play, film or music album and completely disagreed with it? To the point where you stopped and thought about wether this review has changed anything and if it was even necessary to point out? These kind of thoughts can lead to an entirely different way of thinking that some people have adopted: Is criticism of the arts even necessary in the first place?
This is the kind of question that my blog will explore in detail. Many critics have labored over reviews and ways of describing why certain works of art are either good, bad or somewhere in between. Yet, it seems that these reviews and the work of critics does not change anything, or even if does change something it’s more often for the worse, not the better.
Overall, I hope that this blog would help to not only let others gain a deeper appreciation of the arts, but also to help me gain a deeper respect for those who work in arts and to better understand the work that I hope to do one day.

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